Our Private School Partnership Program

How It Works
for Private schools:

The Program Explained in Two Short Paragraphs:

  • When a parent buys a tuition on Salem School Discounts at a 30% discount from 94.9 KLTY (Salem Media Group), the school gets 100% of the value of that tuition as radio advertising credit to use on our stations.

  • This is a trade of advertising on our station for a tuition for us to sell. Your school never pays a penny for this! 

The Certificate: 

  • The Listener is issued a certificate that they will bring to your school to confirm that the holder has paid for a year of tuition to your school. This certificate does not pay for the other fees you may charge. This is only for tuition. 

You School’s Standards Apply!

  • Your school standards still apply to students, even when the certificate is already paid for. If you do not accept a student, Salem will refund the tuitions we collected in full.  Also – the student and the student’s family must be NEW to your school.

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Lauren Cannefax
Our Private School Liaison

Telephone: 214-561-2133

Email: Lauren.Cannefax@SalemDallas.com