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The KLTY Private School Partnership Program

Please fill out this form to join the program. If your school has participated, you can either continue or to cancel participation. You may also contact us directly if you prefer not to fill out the form. Please contact Lauren Cannefax at 214-561-2133 with any questions. Or email Lauren at


As the representative for the school, you understand that we will be selling tuitions at a 30% discount to your rate. Those funds are retained by our company – Salem Media Group. We then issue advertising credit that equals the full value of the tuition – not the discounted amount. An example: If we sell a tuition valued at $10,000 for the discounted rate of $7000, your school will receive the full $10,000 towards advertising. The school gets the advertising to use right away. Salem Media Group retains the cash payment. You have the right to refuse any student into the program. If the child is not accepted by your school, we will refund the full amount the parents paid to us. Your school will never pay us a dime for all of the promotional benefits that come with this program.

By making a choice in the next section, you are agreeing to the TERMS AGREED TO IN THIS FORM (shown above) and one of the three options near the bottom of this form. If no choice is made, the school must be removed from our websites.

If you have questions before you sign-up your school, feel free to call or email us!

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Lauren Cannefax


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Lauren Cannefax
Our Private School Liaison

Telephone: 214-561-2133