How Does the Private School Partnership Work for Parents & Their Children?

Requirements of the Program:

You child cannot be either presently enrolled at the school and you cannot be “in the enrollment process with the school.” Different schools define that differently, so call or contact us through the form at the bottom of this page to get more information.

Also, the discount applies to the first child enrolled from new families only. Those presently enrolled are not eligible. Our goal is to bring new families to these schools that might not otherwise know of the school.

Choose a School & Arrange a Tour by Contacting Us!

Don’t see the school of choice for your child? Contact us using the form, email or even telephone. Many schools will do the program but don’t want us to show discounts on the web.

Choose The Program that’s Right for Your Child in Consultation with the School

The schools will give you all of the information when you visit on what they offer. Some have online programs and home study programs.

Don’t Miss the Place in Your Chosen School. We Typically Have ONLY 1 or 2 Tuitions to Offer!

Lock in Your Child’s Registration! Fill Out Voucher Form for your child! If you’re totally satisfied with the school, you can include payment information. Payment does not need to be collected until your child in accepted.

Once the School has Accepted Your Child, You’re Student is Officially Enrolled!

Funding secures your student’s place in the school once the school has accepted your child. Payment can then be made online or on the phone.

I Don't See the Private School I Want for My Child!

We have more schools participating than you see on our website. We have many schools that don’t want to display a discount online. Others will work with us when we call.

We will reach out to ANY PRIVATE SCHOOL in the Greater Dallas / Fort Worth Area!

Contact us! We are here to help!

Questions? We're Here to Help!


Lauren Cannefax
Our Private School Liaison

Telephone: 214-561-2133


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