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No Payment is Required Until You Visit the School & Make Sure It's the Right Choice for Your Family.

IMPORTANT – Please read to make sure your child is eligible for the program:

Each school is different. The overall rule is that if you have a child presently enrolled in this particular school, your child is not eligible to use this program. If you have already started the admissions procedure with the school, your child is generally speaking not eligible for this program. Call us or email us if you are not sure. You can still fill out this form and we can ask the school whether they consider your child to be eligible for this program.

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Our Private School Liaison is:

Lauren Cannefax


What happens AFTER You Submit for Enrollment?

After Submit:

We contact you and try to arrange for a visit to the school. Generally we put you in contact with the person at the school that you will be meeting with.

This is to start the process. Visiting the After you click “Submit Enrollment Request” we send you a confirmation email that acknowledges we have heard from you.


As we said above, we contact the school. Firrst we confirm that the school does have a spot for your child, assuming they accept the enrollment.

Your Visit to the School:

We arrange for your visit to the school. We suggest that you bring your child during that visit, as you will get the best idea if the school is a fit. Some schools have “shadow” dates for children. We can explain what the school you prefer has to offer to make sure it’s a fit. 


Finally… After Everyone Agrees it is a Fit for Your Family: 

We will either take a credit card by phone or you can go to a website and pay online. The invoice will allow you to do either. You can even come by the KLTY Studios and do this in person. 

Enrollment is then confirmed once the payment is confirmed. 

Questions? We're Here to Help!


Lauren Cannefax
Our Private School Liaison

Telephone: 214-561-2133