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The Salem School Discounts Plan Explained for Schools Considering Inclusion in the Program

In it’s simplest form, it is a barter agreement where the school lets Salem Media Group (which owns KLTY Radio and this website) SELL one or two full annual tuitions to your private school in exchange for advertising on two or more of our Salem Media Group radio stations in Dallas.

An advantage is given to the schools in that while we sell these at at 30% discount to your current rate, the school is given advertising valued at 100% of the retail value of your school’s tuition.

Your present families and enrolled students are ineligible for the program. This means only new families are eligible – and only for one child from that family.

An Example

An example:

Let’s say your school sells a tuition for an 8th grader for $10,000 for the full year.

  • We sell the tuition for $7,000 only after you’ve met and approved the student for admission.
  • You now have a new student from a new family that comes in through the program. If there are siblings, those are not included in the program. That gives the school the opportunity to collect full tuitions for those children.  Also, any added fees other students families pay must be paid to the school. This includes admission tests and fees that apply to ongoing students.
  • Your school also has $10,000 in radio advertising to use anytime for the next year. You can use it right away, once the parent has funded the tuition. You can save it for later. That’s your call.
  • Students must meet your school’s academic standards.
  • We don’t collect funds unless you say the student will be admitted with the program.

Free Advertising
Even if No Student is Ever Signed Up for Your School!

There’s Also Free Advertising . . . Even if We Never Sell a Tuition!

  • Your school will be mentioned on our websites.
  • Your school will be mentioned in promotional radio ads on five of our Dallas area radio stations.
  • Your school will be mentioned on Facebook Posts.
  • Full contact information will be included in our website posts, including your telephone, address, web address and contact person. This will be exactly the way you want it to read. 

The What Ifs...

What Happens When a Parent Cannot Pay the Full 70% of the Annual Tuition All at Once?

When this happens the family is your lead without any obligation to us. We don’t want to say “no” to those that cannot do this financially. We know you have programs that can help. When paying the 70% is impossible, we know you will do your best for that family.

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